The Basics

I love computers, anime, music, and cats. I currently am an average teenager who lives with his parents trying to complete school and live a decent life. I plan on trying to accomplish the feat of becoming a certified developer, designer and general engineer.

Hopes & Dreams

I am an aspiring developer and designer for hire. I like to do anything that has anything to do with the computer as I am a bit of a tech nerd. I know 16 programming langauges to date plus website languages. I strive on a tech-based fondation that which I hope I can use to help change the world in some postive way.


I am former active FBLA member who hopes to still own his own business someday. Along with other things I have done various side projects for various people. I once built a homework hotline for one of the schools that I attended. While doing that I also held another site up that listed various entertainment links for people to browse when they were done with their school work.