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creating/using a carousel for your site
So I know that my style when I design and develop websites is to use a carousel. To me that is just how I like to have websites just look. Well I will try to help you install a carousel if you want that extra touch for your site in the header.

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check out this link for my friend
Hey guys I am doing one of my friends a favor for them so please help him for me. He has a link that needs to be to be clicked so he can get money. It will make you guys do surveys but you will benefit from it too. So if you can click the link below that would be great.

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conversion of html to php
So I have been working on one of my projects for a good four months. Well, I found out that I need to re-code the project that was written in html to php. It is upsetting to have this problem right now but it's something to think more positively.

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new website template design
I have been working a few projects since march of this year. I have had some struggles unfortunately though. I finally figured out one of the many problems that I have been struggling with on this project. I figured out that I had to use tables but I am trying to figure out the structure with tables.

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how redirect pages using .htaccess
Using a .htaccess file is very helpful and very powerful. This post will explain how to create a .htaccess file to redirect your content.

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