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connecting a database to your website using php and msql database
Should I Use MySQLi or PDO?
If you need a short answer, it would be "Whatever you like".

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how to remove file extensions from your sites link using .htaccess
I recently wanted to remove the extensions from my website, in order to make the URLs more user and search engine friendly. I stumbled across tutorials on how to remove the .php extension from a PHP page. What about the .html? I wanted to remove those as well! In this tutorial I’ll show you how to do that easily, by editing the .htaccess file.
What is an .htaccess file

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creating a great readme.txt file
When website designing you might want to have a readme.txt file in place for the users to know what to do, information about the created content, or contact information from the developer(s)/author(s).

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safe website strength testing
I have created many websites knowing that I am unprotected until I got a script that could protect my site. I realized though that I needed to make sure that the script works so I created a script for testing purposes only. It can be used for other purposes but I am not like that.

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creating a computer voice from from text insertion
Have ever wanted to know how Anonymous gets there voice how it sounds? Everyone wonders if they are using a voice scrambler or if they put it through a program that they created that reads documents and converts them to audio in a computer voice. Well I think I have found an answer for that question.

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