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Browser Game
A browser game is a computer game that is played over the Internet using a website browser. The creation of such games usually involves use of standard website technologies as a frontend and other technologies to provide a backend. Browser games include all video games genres and can be single-player or multiplayer.
an online role-playing video game in which a very large number of people participate simultaneously.
A role-playing game (RPG) is a game in which each participant assumes the role of a character, generally in a fantasy or science fiction setting, that can interact within the game's imaginary world.
Virtual Machine
a software computer that, like a physical computer, runs an operating system and applications. The virtual machine is comprised of a set of specification and configuration files and is backed by the physical resources of a host.
Virtual Private Network
a method employing encryption to provide secure access to a remote computer over the Internet.
Virtual Private Server
a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers may have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.
Flash Design
an animated film that is created with the Adobe Flash platform or similar animation software and often distributed in the SWF file format. The term Flash animation refers to both the file format and the medium in which the animation is produced.
a website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users.
a structured set of data held in a computer, especially one that is accessible in various ways.
the action or process of writing computer programs.
a computer or computer program that manages access to a centralized resource or service in a network.
Online Store
a website or application by means of which goods or services are sold over the internet.
Adobe Systems Incorporated
an American multinational computer software company.
Social Media
websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or participate in social networking.
Website Control Panel
is a web-based interface provided by the hosting company that allows customers to manage their various hosted services in a single place. Some of the commonly available modules in most control panels: Access to server logs. Details of available and used webspace and bandwidth.
Video Game Development
the process of creating a video game.


Game Design & Development is an ever-changing industry. There are so many different kinds of games on the internet but how do they do it? What is the difference between them all? This document will outline the the fundamentals of game design & development, explain the differences between them all, and go depth on the kinds of games are out there in the ever-changing, ever evolving internet.
There are so many games out there but how do they work?


Note: This article is not finished and will be constantly updated.

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